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Who is the NSWDG (AKA DEVGRU)?

Elite Navy Seals Team Dedicated to Counterterrorism, Black Ops, Special Missions

Seal Team Six, which is a moniker of the NSWDG, or Naval Specal Warfare Development Group (Abbreviated DEVGRU), is the group behind the daring raid on the Bin Laden Compound in Abottabad Pakistan. Though the name was changed from Team Six back in 1987, it is still popular given the legendary and secretive nature of the group itself. NSDWG recruits from other seal units, and there are as many as 6500 Seals operating at any given time. As any military aficionado knows, teams like the Navy Seals and US Army Special Forces are highly trained, elite units that feature a rigorous selection process and training in operations that use a great deal of stealth and secrecy. Unlike regular Army and Navy units, SEAL special forces must go behind enemy lines, capture or kill high value targets, or use lasers to illuminate targets for bombs or missiles. Team Six is notable because one must be recruited, and a person can't ask to join up. Though the NSWDG is not officially acknowledged by the Department of the Navy, and there is a lot of mystique around its operations, its operations, when publicized, tend to speak for themselves. When SEALS and NSWDG agents are killed in the field, deaths are often covered up as training accidents so as to avoid losing secrecy on any given mission. The psycological component of Seal Team Six operations is hard to avoid, since many terrorists, kidnappers, and bad guys around the world may be deterred by the reputation of the organization itself, or the after effects of its missions, and therefore this unit's reputation hopefully brings less radical elements to the negotiating table rather than seeing itself tied up with extremists who may be targeted.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Most of DEVGRU's operations are classified, therefore the whole story may take years to come out